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​​​Estate Sale Service



We begin the process by visiting the home and conducting an asset evaluation.  If CT's feels that it can assist in the liquidation of the assets we will offer a proposal usually on the spot, but if not, within 24 hours. If we determine that we cannot assist in the liquidation, we will offer advice, recommendations and possible referrals to help. There is NO CHARGE for a house visit. 


A proposal will offer the means of liquidation available, the fees and/or commission, the number of days the liquidation will take and any other issues that are to be addressed.  Our fees or commission are based on a number of factors that cannot be predicted prior to a house visit. Our proposal is based on what we see in assets at the time of the house visit and other variables. 


Every Estate is different and we do not have a set commission. The typical commission range for an estate sale is 30-40%. Working on a commission basis serves as an incentive to sell your assets for the most money possible, while still being able to sell the item. Be careful of those companies that charge too low a commission. They are likely making it up somewhere else. 


If our proposal is accepted, we provide a written agreement of terms. 


The usual first step in preparation is sorting and trash removal.  Any obvious hazards are removed or neutralized. Preparation is typically part of the fee agreement, although anything substantial or unusual may be part of a separate agreement. Any "liquid assets" such as gold, money, diamonds, stocks, bonds etc...that are found are turned over to the family. We examine any safety issues that may be present with the house and property.

****We are an environmentally friendly company and recycle as much glass, metal, plastic and paper as possible. 


We set up all of the assets to be sold in a professional and appealing manner. Most items and groups of items will be priced. We have tables and showcases that are brought in for small items. If necessary, we clean, research and sell items outside of the Estate Sale. We have sold on E-Bay since 1998 and have over 6,000 feedbacks. We also can sell items in one of our live auctions.  


We staff the sale with as many employees as necessary to provide proper coverage and security. We have performed 1-7 day sales. Typical hours are 9-4 or 10-5, although we never close the doors as long as customers are arriving. Delivery is typically available for large items. 


Customers pay for a reasonable and predetermined amount of advertising (Usually $35). Anything over this figure is covered by CT's. We can advertise in the local paper, internet, our web sites, and via our E-mail list. 


This is typically agreed upon with the client. We accept Michigan Checks and all Major Credit Cards. CT's typically absorbs the credit card fee. Occasionally we have a cash only sale depending on the situation. 


We leave the house in good order after the sale. The liquidation of remaining contents is something that is typically decided after the sale has completed. We offer a host of different options, but, because it is never known what will remain, the best method of disposal is not known until after the last day. 

***** Do not sign a blanket clean-out agreement with a company prior to the sale. Doing so basically turns over the ownership of all assets to the liquidation company. 

***** We utilize multiple donation centers such as the DAV, Salvation Army and Purple Heart. 


We usually settle within 7-14 days of the end of the sale. We wait for checks to clear and can provide detailed paperwork of what sold and final figures. WE DO NOT FUDGE NUMBERS. 


CT's owner, Chris Woodman, is typically involved during all aspects of the Estate Sale from beginning to end. You know who you are dealing with from the evaluation to the final item being removed from the home. 

We take a "No Games" approach to how we handle our Estate Sales. We do not offer to purchase assets prior to a sale (so that we or our staff can resell), nor do we "protect" items with unreasonable pricing to purchase or take possession of them after the sale. We do not allow previews and typically do not allow any pre-sales. The client is where our interest is focused. We attempt to make everything as above-board as possible. There are occasional items or situations that may require a special means of liquidation prior to a sale and we handle those items on a case by case basis. If you have questions regarding any possible shady dealings that can occur in an Estate Sale (even if you are not considering our company) Chris would be glad to discuss these matters with you.